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Lost your confidence?
Confused about who you are, where you’re going and how to get there? I got you.

When you’re young, there can be a lot of questions about who you are and what you want. It can seem like:

  • Everyone around you has it together except for you
  • It can feel hopeless because you don’t know how to break those habits that make you feel bad about yourself
  • And it can seem like things aren’t going to change and life just sucks.

You may not believe me but you have a passion, purpose and there’s something about you that’s special and unique. But, when you haven’t figured that out, you can feel upset, angry, and discouraged.

When you feel like that, you start hanging out with the wrong people, getting into things that make everything worse, and you get frustrated because while you want your life to get better, you just can’t figure out how to change.

Sometimes even when you do have more direction and feel a little bit better you can still be unhappy, lacking a sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Want to find your unique gifts and talents, and break certain habits so you can finally love who you are and get excited about the life you’re living?

Let's Do This!

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Based on Dani’s book:
Coming Out Happy (Life Doesn’t Have To Suck )

Jumpstart One-on-One Coaching Program


  • A customized program around your specific goals
  • 6 Private 30 minute Sessions via phone or in person ( depending on where you live )
  • 1 SOS Call to use when you need it most
  • A copy of Dani’s Book Coming Out Happy
  • Journal to track and measure your progress
  • Choice of Available Merch
  • Two Month Post Program Check-in

Want a SINGLE session? Click the button BELOW

( Available to people in ALL countries )

Want my JUMPSTART 6 WEEK PROGRAM? Click the button BELOW

( Available to people in ALL countries )


Dani has supported and given me strategies and resources to help me cope better. She helped me feel motivated, confident and happier with myself. Talking with her about my week and challenges was so easy! She never judged me and talking with someone my own age made me feel so comfortable.

I definitely recommend her to anyone that needs motivation and that extra push in life. I also recommend her for anyone that is lacking self love, self-esteem or happiness. After 8 weeks, I feel so much more confident and better about myself. IF ever that starts to slip, she gave me my own personal strategies to get me back on track. Dani’s my inspiration!

-Monica, Canada

“Dani taught me that life is more than pain because pain is temporary and sometimes the only way to move forward is to recognize your feelings. She showed me that there are countless things to be grateful for no matter how bad things may seem. She taught me that there are good people in the world because she is one of them.”

–Kiera, Scotland

“Dani was an awesome coach. Positive and upbeat, she always kept my agenda at the center of our conversations, helped me identify my goals, see new possibilities, and identify action steps for me to move forward. After our sessions, I was able to look at all aspects of my life more holistically and overcome the self-imposed roadblocks I thought were holding me back. I am very grateful to have had Dani as my personal coach!”

–Dr. John Buford, North Carolina

“I’ve learned from Dani that it can be hard to be yourself, but at the end of the day you can’t let others thoughts and opinions get in the way of being true to who you are. She taught me that it’s okay to have bad days but when the day ends try and find one thing to make the next day better and try to find the good in whatever is going on. Lastly, she helped me become a happier person especially on my bad days through her words of encouragement”.

–Katie, Canada

“Dani lights up my mood and I absolutely love her songs. She inspires me to be more positive.”

–Jennie, Oregon

“I found Dani recently after someone showed me a motivational video of hers. After that, I put her Twitter notifications on and every day she tweets something inspiring. It gives me a sense of hope for a good day. I struggle with positivity and self-confidence. Reading her book and learning about how she overcame her confidence block has opened my eyes so much. I am currently working on my self-esteem and knowing my worth. It’s a hard thing to overcome but I am determined to be happy for once. Dani taught me to be proud of who I am and for a long time I struggled with my sexuality. Her ‘coming out’ story was inspiring to me and it showed me how people should love me for who I am overall.”

–Liz, Texas

“Dani taught me not to be afraid of who I am. She’s inspired me to be a better me and taught me how to love myself.”

–Hanna, New York

“What I’ve learned from Dani is how incredibly important self-love is. She has opened my heart to see the brighter things in my life. I’m not scared to be who I am anymore. I’m free and so happy. I want to thank her for her motivating and inspiring words.”

–Alyson, Texas

“Dani showed me how to love myself more and know I’m not alone. She taught me that there’s so much love out there and that I shouldn’t doubt myself. Her music also makes me feel special and loved, I appreciate it so much.”

–Ashton, South Carolina

“Dani taught me about pure happiness. She is so confident and watching her on social media or listening to her music instantly puts me in a better mood. Watching her surpass her dreams through music and helping people has truly made a difference for me. I love her music because for once, somebody gets it. I can never thank Dani enough for that.”

–Brooke, New York

“She taught me to never doubt myself and always chase my dreams. Dani is definitely someone that I can go to for advice. She makes me so happy with her positive vibes.”

–Macey, Tennessee

You may be feeling like life sucks and it doesn’t get better…but not for long. Join me for this all-inclusive, one of a kind opportunity to create the life you want most.

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( Available to people in ALL countries )

Want my JUMPSTART 6 WEEK PROGRAM? Click the button BELOW

( Available to people in ALL countries )

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